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Unlock unparalleled opportunities by becoming a valued member of the Tripleshades generous commission structure, it’s not just about referring clients; It’s about building a mutually beneficial partnership.

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How It Works?

The possibilities are endless.🌐

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If you encounter any issues with our support links or have any other related concerns, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated support team immediately.

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Why Joining Our Premier Affiliate Program?

Join our program and promote our leading suite of tools to your audience, fostering business growth.

No Limit on Earnings

No earning caps. You can potentially earn substantial amounts each month by promoting our services.

Extended Cookie Duration

Enjoy a 60-day affiliate cookie, ensuring you receive credit for purchases made by your referrals.

Monthly Payouts

Trustworthy payments every month via PayPal or Stripe. No delays, just rewards.


What is the Tripleshades Affiliate Program and How Does It Work?

If your audience is in need of top-tier web design services, Tripleshades rewards you with a 30% commission for each successful client referral. Sign up is swift, and you’ll receive a unique referral URL to direct traffic to Tripleshades. When your referred traffic pays for a project, you’ll earn a 30% commission, deposited directly into your account. We pay our affiliates monthly with no minimum payout requirement. Refer to our Policy here

Are There Any Fees?

Absolutely not! Our program is fee-free, ensuring you maximize your earnings.

Can I Become an Affiliate If I Live Outside the United States?

Yes, Tripleshades caters to a global audience. We facilitate referral payments through PayPal for affiliates worldwide.

If I Have Multiple Websites, Do I Need to Apply Separately for Each?

No need! You’ll receive one trackable URL that you can use across all your websites, simplifying the process for you.

Will You Provide Extra Support for High-Traffic Websites?

Certainly! If you manage high-traffic websites and wish to explore a tailored partnership, feel free to reach out to us at [affiliates_@_tripleshades_._com. We’re eager to discuss how we can collaborate effectively.

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